5G And 4G Mobile Service Glitch Impacts A Singtel Users

The users of Singtel network started to face serious problems with their mobile data services on Thursday. It is quite alarming that the issue persisted even on the following day September 23 (Friday).

Impact was not for all Users

According to the technical teams at Singtel, the issue was with the 5G and 4G services. The network teams clarified that not all the users faced disruption and glitches with their 5G and 4G networks.

The initial notification came from Singtel on Thursday night through the Facebook post. In the communication, Singtel teams confirmed that some of their users had been facing problems with their 5G and 4G mobile data connections.

The network confirmed that the affected users were not able to access their mobile networks that were on 4G and 5G.

Initial Communication by Singtel

The officials at the Singtel network confirmed that their engineers were investigating and trying to find the root cause of the problem. They were focused on establishing what had caused the issue.

The teams reported that they will continue updating them on the matter. The support teams asked the affected users to be patient assuring them that the issue was being resolved.

Later, the teams announced that they were close to fixing the problem until they gave an update on Friday that the issue had been resolved.

The Issue Persisted

Later on Friday, the Singtel teams mentioned that although the issue had been resolved, some users may continue facing the problem. They may continue to find it problematic to access their mobile network.

The teams confirmed that the engineers had worked overnight to fix the problem and they were doing whatever they could to deal with the situation.

The engineers continued working to deal with the sporadic signal loss that could disrupt the signal for some users. Later, the teams confirmed that the users affected by the problem had to reset their phones to fix the problem.

Apology for the Inconvenience

The Singtel teams apologized to the users for the disruption in the connections. They assured that they were trying to fix the problem so it would not repeat.

The teams officially excused themselves for the inconvenience that the users had to go through due to the network disruption. Even now, the engineers at Singtel continue monitoring the entire network to see if any issues arise so they can be resolved promptly.

Concerns Shared by the Users

Although Singtel continued updating the users on the matter, it was not enough to stop the users from complaining about the network disruption.

One of the users complained that despite resetting her phone multiple times, the network was not operating at all. The user was extremely frustrated due to the glitch.

Another user complained that the issue had not been resolved even when 16 hours had passed. He demanded that the network continues sending text messages to the users so they are updated on the matter.

He complained that every time he calls their support, their line is busy dealing with other users.

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