Starting September 29, Singapore Citizens Can Travel Visa-Free In Taiwan

The government of Singapore has made a new announcement for the citizens of Singapore. According to the government, Singaporeans will have huge ease traveling to Taiwan from the end of September.

Visa-Free Taiwan

The update has confirmed that the citizens of Singapore will be able to travel to Taiwan visa-free. The implementation of the new rule will come into effect starting September 29.

The full information confirms that the citizens of Singapore will not need a visa to travel to Taiwan for up to 30-days. If their stay is longer in Taiwan, then they will need a visa.

Taiwan Acknowledged the News

The Bureau of Consular Affairs of Taiwan has also confirmed the claim made by the government of Singapore. It was on September 22, when the Bureau of Consular Affairs announced the implementation of the new rule.

The authorities in Taiwan confirmed that the country will be fully open for the first time for visitors and tourists from around the world after the pandemic.

Due to the pandemic, the government of Taiwan had imposed strict quarantine protocols for COVID-19. These protocols also included that the borders would not be fully open to travelers.

The government has confirmed that Taiwan will remove the restrictions on the rest of the world starting October 13. Upon arrival, the citizens will have to go through the process of self-monitoring.

The Self-Monitoring Process

For now, the visitors have to undergo a 7-day quarantine as they reach the hotel. The 7-day quarantine also includes last 4-days of self-monitoring.

According to the government of Taiwan, during this time, the visitors are expected that they do not visit places that are crowded.

More Countries get a 30-day Visa-Free Visit

Singapore is not the only country whose citizens are allowed a 30-day visa-free visit to Taiwan. The same has been implemented for the Dominican Republic and Malaysia.

The offer expands to 90-days for the citizens of Israel, Chile, Nicaragua, South Korea, and Japan.

The scheme also expands to the nationals of the Philippines, Brunei, and Thailand but for them, the visa-free limit is up to 14 days. For the three countries, the scheme is valid until July 31, 2023.

On the other hand, people with service passports, official passports, and diplomatic passports will be able to prolong their stays as per requirement.

Singapore may Also Introduce a Tourism Scheme

Just like Taiwan, Singapore had implemented travel restrictions as well. It also had COVID-19 restrictions and precautionary measures in place due to the rise in COVID-19 cases in the country.

Since then, the country has been trying hard to deal with the situation and bring its process of quarantine lifting up to speed.

The country has been involved in developing low-cost COVID-19 kits in order to make the COVID-19 examinations much easier and prompt.

On Friday, the government of Singapore lifted the quarantine protocols and measurements it had in place. Many are expecting that Singapore may go for the same implementation as Taiwan to promote tourism in the country once again.

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