What are the Risks Involved for People Who Get Abdominoplasty Work Done?

Abdominoplasty, which is commonly known as ‘tummy tuck’ is a cosmetic surgical procedure that brings the abdomen into shape and enhances its appearance. In the process, the surgeons tend to remove the fats and skin that are excessive on the person’s belly.

The majority of the abdominoplasty procedures involve the lower part of the abdomen where the fats and the skin are removed from. Following the procedure, the surgeons use the remaining skin to position the belly, making it look shaped and symmetrical.

If you are also gathering excessive skin and fats under your belly, then it means you may also require abdominoplasty. Many people who undergo the abdominoplasty procedure have revealed that they also ended up losing their confidence of attending social gatherings or any events before of feeling embarrassed from their big bellies.

Therefore, many people are now preferring abdominoplasty to lose extra weight without spending much time as people do when exercising and joining a gym.

Major Reasons behind Abdominoplasty

There may be several reasons leading to the need of abdominoplasty but mentioned below are some of the major reasons where abdominoplasty is required. These cases include:

  • Pregnancy
  • Aging
  • Noticeable change in body weight
  • C-Section
  • Natural Body Structure
  • Other Abdominal Surgeries

Abdominoplasty is Not Everyone’s Cup of Team

It is to be kept in mind that people need to be eligible or suitable before they can actually go through the abdominoplasty procedure. Many think that all they need to do is flush out money and get the abdominoplasty procedure done.

In reality, abdominoplasty can prove to be risky process, which is why the doctors always suggest you should not go for it if you:

  • Plan to get pregnant in near future.
  • Have a body mass index, which is over 30.
  • Have significant scar tissues due to a previously done abdominal surgery or similar procedure.
  • Plan to lose a great amount of weight.
  • Have diabetes or a heart disease, or other chronic conditions that are severe.
  • Like to smoke a lot

Risks Involved with Abdominoplasty

Even if you have a valid and an authentic reason to have the abdominoplasty process done, there are still many risks that you must consider.

These risks can either prove to be a short-term problem or a long-term. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you must consider them before you get ready for abdominoplasty.

Some of the major risks involved with abdominoplasty have been mentioned below:

Poor Healing of the Wound

You must be mindful that sometimes, the incisions from the abdominoplasty leave behind wounds that take too long to heal. At times, the wounds even end up getting separated causing huge problems and leading to many doctor visits.

The slow healing of the wounds is a very dangerous issue as it can increase the chances of you getting infected or an infectious disease. Therefore, ensure that the surgeon prescribes necessary antibiotics that you can use regularly to avoid getting an infection in the wounded area.

Unexpected Scars

Remember, the scars from the abdominoplasty incisions are permanent. However, in many cases, these scars are coverable even with the bathing clothes. However, the size of the incision and its scar depends from people to people.

You must be mindful that your abdominoplasty procedure may leave scars larger and more visible than others, or it can be the other way around.

Skin Sensation Changes

As your abdominal tissues undergo repositioning during the process, there is a high chance that your skin sensation may change. Sometimes, the changes to the tissues’ positioning occurs in the upper thighs and can even affect the abdominal area nerves.

This may end up causing a significant reduction in sensation as well as numbness in the particular body parts.

Damage to Tissues

The abdominoplasty procedure also has the tendency to kill or damage the abdominal area’s skin. This happens because of the tissue damage and can vary based on the kind of abdominoplasty you are undergoing.

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