Major Benefits of Relocating to Malta

Major Benefits of Relocating to Malta

There are numerous benefits of relocating to Malta. The country is a member of the European Union and offers abundant sunshine, a Mediterranean lifestyle and favorable taxes. If you are interested in taking a new job, launching a business, retiring in a warm climate, enhancing your education and reducing your tax rate, Malta is an excellent option. Some of the top benefits of relocating to Malta are:


The two official languages of the country are Maltese and English. The Maltese islands gain international strategic advantage, thanks to English. Conducting business, from taxes and healthcare to lifestyle and news, is made easier for those with English proficiency.


The bountiful sunshine that you enjoy in Malta makes it one of the top destinations in the world. The Mediterranean Sea stabilizes the temperature, which makes it ideal for year-round activities.


When relocating to Malta, the strength of the country’s economy is definitely a consideration. From the ability of raising capital for starting your business to the availability of jobs, a healthy economy can often be a prerequisite before relocating.

Currency and Taxes

Euro is the official currency of Malta and it has a tax structure that appeals to individuals with high net worth in strategic industries, such as finance, aviation and gaming. The country also has a Global Residence Programme that also gives incentive to individuals moving to the islands from non-European countries.

The healthcare of the country is also affordable and real estate market is booming, which makes Malta a very good place to relocate.

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