Why Marquee Letters for a Proposal Is a Great Idea

Ever thought you could propose the person you love using marquee letters? If you want your proposal to be different, you can definitely take the help of these light-up letters that do more than just spelling out the special words. The best thing is that you don’t even have to spend a fortune to get them. You can go for marquee letters and light up letters rental in Toronto so you only have to pay for the time you use them.

Now, the only thing that you have to be sure about here is whether or not this will be a great idea? You don’t have to be so nervous about this situation. Here are a few reasons to prove that they are a great idea for any proposal. Let’s see.

They Set the Mood and Ambiance

When you want to make your proposal different, special, and better than any other in the world, you want to set the right mood and ambiance. Imagine proposing him or her in the scorching heat of the sun when you are both sweating the Niagara Falls from your bodies. With such a proposal, you would never know if they said yes to your proposal or to get over with it and get in shade as soon as possible. However, with marquee letters, you can definitely set the right mood and ambiance for your proposal. That’s what makes these letters so amazing.

If you are proposing at evening time, let these letters do the work. You don’t need any other fancy lighting. Just the yellow or white light from the letter will be enough to set the mood. It will also give you enough lighting to keep your proposal pictures romantic and intimate.

They Let You Say It

A lot of people think that marquee letters are boring because they can only spell numbers or a few words. However, true feelings can be expressed with just one word, who needs an entire love letter written with words that are 4ft tall. The best thing about these letters is that they are available in many different fonts and letters. You can even spell out the ampersand with these letters. Furthermore, there are certain words that say more than you could imagine at your proposal. For example, if you don’t want to stick to the clichéd “marry me” letters, you can go with something as unique and striking as “forever”.

You can see that only one or two words are more than enough for you to express your love to the person you are willing to spend your entire life with. You just have to think of the word that best expresses your feelings for them. Another great option would be “will you” with a question mark after the letters. Yes, that’s right, you can have a question mark added to the letters as well. Don’t forget that you can have custom light up letters too.

They Give You the Best Pictures

One of the things about proposing someone is that you can’t really make it stand out in pictures. You may propose the special person in your life at a rooftop, inside a restaurant, or in front of a river. However, these things don’t personalize your pictures or make them intimate. Just add marquee letters in the back and tada! Imagine a dark blue sea and some clouds as a backdrop to your proposal pictures. They look great right? Now, imagine the same with the word “love” lit up in yellow in the background with 3ft or 4ft tall letters. That’s pazzazz!

Final Thoughts

You can always take advantage of marquee letters and light up letters rental in Toronto to make a moment become special. In addition to proposals, you can even use marquee letters at weddings, corporate events, social gatherings, and even baby showers. These letters instantly tell every guest who or what the event is all about and who the center of attraction is.

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