Frankie de Jong has Recently Opened up about the Dispute he had with Barcelona over United Move

The 25-year-old Dutchman Frankie de Jong, currently playing for the Barcelona football club has recently opened up about his situation in the summer transfer window.

The player has revealed that his relationship and communication with Barcelona were not good at all during the summer season.

Frankie de Jong had Disputes

The Dutchman has revealed that he was not on good terms with Barcelona over his finances. The club owed him millions in wages but wanted to move him to Manchester United.

Barcelona was eager to get rid of the player and the matter of his wages was not being resolved. This left the player quite unhappy and on bad terms with the club.

The player revealed that he did not want to leave Barcelona and go to Manchester United but was pressurized by his current club.

During the summer season, he was shocked to know that he had been issued with an ultimatum. It was to stay back at the club and take a huge pay cut or leave the club for Manchester United.

Done Deal with Manchester United

While the club was dealing with Frankie de Jong, they did not put a stop to their deal with Manchester United for the Dutchman.

Barcelona had struck a £72 million transfer deal with Manchester United for the 25-year-old midfielder. In case the deal had not been ended by Barcelona, Frankie de Jong would have been reunited with his former Ajax manager, Erik ten Hag.

Both Sides Repaired the Relationship

Frankie de Jong revealed that although he and Barcelona had their differences and disputes over the financial situation, they were able to repair their relationship.

The club was willing to take the first step into fixing the issue for good and that is exactly what the Barca management did. They brought Frankie de Jong on the same page and both sides understood each other’s concerns.

Frankie de Jong Opened up about his Intentions for Barcelona

Frankie de Jong, who is currently playing for his national sports team, Holland talked about the move to Manchester United and fixing his relationship with Barca.

Frankie de Jong stated that never wanted to move out of Barcelona and join Manchester United. He added that despite being on bad terms with the club, he remained calm, and did not lose his confidence.

Frankie de Jong did not comment much on his relationship with his current football club. This means that the player may still have some things to clear with the club before he can commit further to his relation with the Spanish club.

Frankie de Jong is happy with Xavi, his current boss at Barcelona. He stated that Xavi played a very positive role in building a strong connection between him and the club.

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