Singapore Football Team Faces A Devastating Loss Against Vietnam

As the FIFA World Cup is approaching, teams from all over the world are playing against each other to make it through the selection round.

For the purpose, teams from the same regions are going against each other to find victory and test their skills.

Highly Anticipated Match

From the Southeast Asian side, one of the most anticipated match was between Singapore and Vietnam. The national football team of Singapore was to go against the Vietnamese National Football Team, who also won the AF Suzuki Cup back in 2018.

The fans expected a tough match between both teams but the outcome of the match was not as good as expected.

The football match between Singapore and Vietnam took place in Ho Chi Min City at the Thong Nhat Stadium on September 21.

It was very unfortunate for the Singapore National team and the fans to see the Vietnamese players score 4 goals against while Singapore scored 0. Even the final result of the match between Singapore and Vietnam was 0-4.

The friendly match between the teams turned into a bloodbath as Singapore was not able to score a single goal against Vietnam.

Both Teams Tried New Players

As the match was friendly, the managers of both teams decided to do experiments, as both sides had new players showing off their skills against each other.

The teams tried their skills before the AFF Mitsubishi Electric Cup that is to be held in December of 2022. As the results suggest, it was the Vietnamese side that continued building strong pressure on the Singaporean Lions.

Most of the veteran players from both sides were not part of the match as the new players were being tested. It was obvious that the Vietnamese players were putting in more effort and dedication towards the match.

The Vietnamese players continued attacking the Singapore side one after another. All the Singaporean players could do was to watch helplessly as most of the attempts Vietnam made were successful.

Comments by Takayuki Nishigaya

Takayuki Nishigaya, the coach of the Singapore national football team made a post-match statement admiring Vietnam’s win.

He stated that although the team failed to perform against Vietnam, still, it was extremely important for the new faces to debut. This way, they could also get to know the field and experience how it feels to play for the national team.

He insisted that it would give them a huge wake-up call helping them realize where they stand before the competition. This way, they will be able to revamp their play and skills to meet the high standards in the competition.

Nishigaya has Found Promising Talent

Nishigaya went on to state that although he is disappointed at their latest loss against Vietnam, he is glad that he got to see his new players play.

He has witnessed fine plays from some of the new faces and he knows that they will have key roles to play for the national team in the upcoming competitions.

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