Get Your First Xiaomi Phone at a Singapore Xiaomi Store

Get Your First Xiaomi Phone at a Singapore Xiaomi Store

Are you looking to buy your first Xiaomi phone? If yes, you should not have a hard time at all getting to a Singapore Xiaomi store. You can find many of them in just about any corner of the country. The best thing is that the company is increasing its operations in the Asian countries and as a result, Singapore might see more of the Xiaomi stores in the coming years. Before you get to the store, you have to make sure that you know the right factors that must be considered before buying the Xiaomi phone at a Singapore Xiaomi store. Here is a list of things you should be checking at your nearest store.

What to See at a Singapore Xiaomi Store

The Operation Times

The first thing you want to see is the operation times of the store. While there is a standard that every Xiaomi store follows in Singapore when it comes to timing, you never know when someone might be a little lazy to open their store on time. If you look at the information available online, every Singapore Xiaomi store is supposed to open at 11am and close at 9pm. It means you have 10 hours in a day to complete your tasks and visit the store to get your favorite Xiaomi phone. The best thing is that you have these stores opened on every single day of the week at the exact timings.

The Product Availability

Of course, Xiaomi makes a variety of different products. Most importantly, you get a variety of options to choose from right within the smartphone category. You have the Redmi, Mi, and Pocophone categories to choose your phone from. You will notice that all of these sub-brands of Xiaomi have something different to offer. If you want to be as close to the flagship specifications as possible, you should go with the Mi series. You also have power banks and smartwatches to choose from. However, you will notice that not every Singapore Xiaomi store is a regular store.

Some of these are the Mi Zones. Mi Zones are small shops where you might not find all the Xiaomi products that you are looking for. The other ones are authorized Mi stores. If you count all the Mi Zones and authorized retailers for Xiaomi products in Singapore, you have 11 different stores to choose from. Any stores other than these 11 are not authorized stores. They are not selling fake products necessarily, but you do have to do some investigation before you purchase the products from them. Visit this page to get a list of the authorized Singapore Xiaomi stores and Mi Zones.

The Availability of Warranties

It does not matter which store or Mi zone you purchase your product from, you should be able to get the warranties that are coming to you from the company. Usually, you will get a one-year warranty on any Xiaomi phone that you purchase from an authorized retailer or store. You might not know but there is an additional six-month warranty on the accessories as well. Yes, you are not asking for a favor from the store if you go back and request them to replace your charger or headphones. It is clearly stated on the Singapore version of Xiaomi website that there is a six-month warranty on the accessories that come with the phone.

You have to confirm these pieces of information more specifically when you are purchasing the product from an unauthorized store. There are many out there and they can have their own rules. Make sure you ask them about the warranties on the product and accessories. If you have even the slightest doubt about your purchase, it is best that you go to an authorized Singapore Xiaomi store.

Final Thoughts

You will also be surprised to know that you also have an online Singapore Xiaomi store. If you are busy most of the times and cannot go to the store to shop, you can buy your products from the authorized online store. It is called Lazada, and you should shop with the peace of mind that this online store is authorized by Xiaomi and its name is mentioned as an authorized online store on Xiaomi’s website.

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