How Does a Singapore Work Visa Work?

How Does a Singapore Work Visa Work?

Singapore is one of the best countries in Asia if you are looking for a job and a stable career. More and more companies are entering this country because of the corporate culture here. At times, it seems as though there are more corporations in the country than domestic homes. If you want to work in the country, you will have to obtain Singapore work visa. The best thing is that Singaporean government has made things quite easy for those who are looking to live, earn, and work in Singapore. Let’s get into the details of Singapore work visa.

What You Need to Know about Singapore Work Visa

An applicant can apply for Singaporean visa on their own or the company in Singapore can apply on their behalf. The processing times for the applications remain the same. The most important thing to know here is that you are not really seeking to get the Singapore work visa. What you want to get in Singapore is the employment pass, which is often referred to as EP as well. An employment pass is more like an evolved form of work visa in Singapore. Perhaps the country chose a pass because of the number of applicants that apply for jobs in Singapore every single year. There had to be a more organized and easier way to manage the huge influx of skilled workers in the country from all around the world.

You can get an employment pass to work in Singapore that can last for about two years. You can renew the pass after its expiration. What you will like about this pass is that it gets the requirement of having your passport pages stamped over and over. You can enter Singapore and go out to meet your family in your country based on your employment pass. Yes, you do not need to have your passport pages marked repeatedly.

An important piece of information here is that the work visa or employment pass you get depends on your skills and the capacity in which you are working. The higher you are ranked as a professional, the easier it is for you to not only work but live in Singapore. The most commonly known Singapore work visa is for executives and managers. Their salary has to be at least $3,300 every month to be eligible for this type of Singapore work visa. You get even more benefits if you are a high-salaried individual working in Singapore on a regular employment pass.

So, if you have an EP in Singapore and you are earning a big salary and giving big taxes to the government, you can apply for PEP as well. PEP stands for personalized employment pass. Yes, this pass offers you even more benefits over the regular Singapore work visa. The first reason to get this pass is when you are looking for a new job in Singapore. The regular Singapore work visa or employment pass is usually tied with an employer. So, when you are no longer working with that employer, your pass is not going to help you stay in the country.

On the other hand, if you apply for the personalized employment pass, it makes you independent. You can live in Singapore for up to six months with this pass. During these six months, you can apply for any jobs you want. You don’t have to be associated with an employer to live in Singapore when you have this pass. When applying for Singapore work visa from a different country, you can still go for the personalized pass. However, you are not eligible for this pass while applying from a different country if you have not been working for more than six months.

If you are in Singapore and working, your monthly salary should not be less than S$12,000 to apply and get accepted for the personal employment pass. If you don’t know, you can work for a Singaporean employer if your salary is only $2,200 by applying for the S Pass. S

Final Thoughts

The one thing you will love about Singapore work visa and its application process is that everything happens quite fast. In many other countries, these processes can take several months. On the other hand, Singaporean government ensures that your process completes within a week.

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