Intername – The Solution For All Your Online Marketing Needs in One Place Review

The idea of business growth is one that all business owners seek for their businesses across all niches. Business owners usually want a way to create some form of brand exposure for their businesses. The exposure to the brand could come in the form of radio jingles or an advert space on the public media.

There are many ways businesses gain exposure to the public, but a significant factor that business administrators consider is the niche of their business. The business niche determines where to place adverts about the company. It would be a sheer waste of time and resources, for example, to put a real estate advert on a sea exploration platform. The very first thing business owners determine in the bid to create a better public awareness of their business is to assess their business niche, as well as other business niches that are related to theirs. The determination of the cubbyhole would help administrators of companies plan their media strategy towards a progressive gradient.

With the advent of the internet at the dawn of the twenty-first century, the media space has developed into one that allows businesses to find exposure opportunities in every little corner of the world. For example, social media has influencers that help businesses gain the attention they need for the growth of their brands. The influencers are those who have painstakingly built a large audience base on their social media accounts, depending on their audience niches. Influencers are a very effective way of business exposure on the media space because the audience is relatively familiar with the influencer. So they only need a very tiny dose of a push to convince them to patronize such business.

Email marketing is also another invention which the twenty-first century and the internet has made possible. Email marketing helps businesses reach their desired audience via emails directly going to the mail addresses of the target audience or subscribers. The idea of email marketing is to create a mailing list; with the mailing list, business owners send mails to the email address of their subscribers regularly or consistently, with the intention of informing them of new products, sale promos, and their other features. Email marketing is quite effective because the mail is often sent to those who have shown some interest in one or more areas of the product or the brand before. Hence, it becomes easy for those to patronize the products advertised in the emails.

While the media space is a very large and extensive one, it is advisable for business owners to create an awareness plan around the niche of their products and services, as this would help to determine the best of strategies and the most effective of costs for their marketing schemes.

Some agencies and parastatals engage in media outreaches on behalf of businesses, at a token. Choosing such agencies could prove to become the smartest or the most harmful move a brand makes. This distinction is because paying an agency that under-delivers will eventually crumble the business. This is why one must check to see the reach and deliverables of an agency before committing media adverts to their platforms. Intername Media is one of the leading media agencies today, and this is a review of its services and offers.


Platform Intername Media
Services SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

PPC (Pay Per Click)

Social Marketing

Media Buying

Mobile Marketing

Email Marketing

Lead Generation


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Parent Company Intername LTD
Location 26, Yitshak Elhanan St. Tel Aviv

Intername Media is a media publicity brand with many products that help businesses grow both in their sales and public awareness. This brand is committed to the growth and development of its clients. The clients of this brand are businesses that cover a wide range of asset niches. Intername Media works with the principle of growing by lifting others, as it endeavors to help its clientele succeed in their businesses at some of the cheapest cost possible in the media space.

Intername Media works with many other media outreach companies to help its clientele achieve their desired results. This media agency is one that is professional, client-oriented, as well as affordable in its service delivery. Intername Media offers its services in such a way that its services do not eat up the profit or the investments of its clientele. It considers the budget and the capabilities of its clients when designing their media outreach plans. Although the plans of this brand are affordable, they are top-notch, because the Intername media team knows its onions around the media circle.

Intername Media does not just offer services; it provides its clients with a flexible form of services from which to choose. The flexibility with which this agency relates to its clients is a high selling point of its services, as it offers them the opportunity to select from a unique range of business growth options.

When a client of this media agency is not able to determine the best fit of business growth tools for his or her business, Intername Media also offers services that help business owners determine the best of business growth strategies for their businesses. It doesn’t matter what stage of growth a business is on; the Intername media platform has something with which such a company or client could grow even more.

This media brand works hard to position its clients in a position where they are empowered to make more profit by exposing them to fantastic media publicity.

Intername Media services cover a wide range of niches within the media and internet space. The services of this brand cover market expositions such as web development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social marketing, Media buying, Lead Generation, as well as Media creativity.

Employing this fantastic brand’s services helps its clients generate the best possible leads in terms of publicity and, by extension, the sales lead generation of the brand.



Search Engine Optimization (SEO) involves reordering the content of a business’s website in such a way that it becomes easy to locate such a company on search engines such as Google or Bing. SEO is one of the most effective ways of getting a business noticed, especially on the internet, because there are millions of traffics generated by these engines daily.

The SEO process of the Intername platform involves the following procedures:

  • Market Analysis
    This stage of the Intername Media agency’s SEO process involves an in-depth analysis of the business media needs after they have drawn out the objectives.
  • Competitors Research
    The Intername Media team researches the keywords which the competitors of its client’s business use to produce their results.
  • Website Audit
    This stage of the SEO process involves optimizing the website of the client into one that’s easily accessible by validating them W3C. This process will modernize the website platform of the Intername Media platform.
  • On-Page SEO
    This SEO process involves more optimization. Optimization of this level consists of using UI and UX designs to make the clients’ web pages more accessible.
  • Target Valuable Keywords
    This stage involves the Intername Media team researching keywords that produce the best of results in the niche of its clients’ website and then optimizing its platform with those keywords.
  • Link Building
    Link building is similar to the deployment stage of the SEO service of Intername Media. It involves creating the links of the webpage of the Intername client with networks.
  • Copywriting and Distribution Items
    Although this part is more appealing to those who have worked with the Intername Media team to build up their websites before, it involves writing and developing content that will allow the site stay atop in search engines.
  • Detailed Reporting
    This stage of the Intername Media SEO project involves a periodic check to see the buildup of the website.


PPC (Pay-Per-Click) is a tool that website owners use to generate funds for building up traffic on their web pages. There are a lot of benefits involved in the PPC process. One of the significant benefits of the PPC scheme is that it gives the business over other forms of adverts because the adverts show right in front of those interested (or have recently shown interest) in such services. After all, media agencies usually target them.

The PPC process of the Intername Media platform involves all of the following:

  • Google Advertising

With the ability to target adverts, the PPC scheme uses the keywords typed in by the Google search engine users to determine those who are interested in the services of the Intername Media platform. When the AI bot that runs the platform discovers a user is searching for similar products, it will bring up the advert If the client’s website from the Intername Media’s
The advantage of this kind of media exposure is that a user does not have to pay when there’s no traffic directed to his/ her website. Users only pay when Google users click the link to their website from the search engine. The Google Ads process also embeds with itself the following: 

    • Google Adwords
    • Targeting, Leads, Conversion, and Scale
    • Search Network
    • Display Network
    • Facebook Ads


The social marketing plan involves using social media as a marketing plan to generate more lead for businesses. Social media has been one of the most significant cloud inventions of the new age, and companies have used social media to create some of the most massive leads. Social media is a vast network, and those that know how to use it to their advantage will make the most of it.

Facebook has over one billion people; this population cut across several regions of the world. It then becomes easy to market a product or service to an intercontinental audience on Facebook. Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media platforms promise vast and intensive connectivity, which is a tool that the Intername Media platform uses to help its clientele achieve the best growth rates for their brands.


Media buying involves making sure the adverts of the Intername clients appear just where they need to be. It would be a complete waste of resources for a baking product to appear on a welding and fabrication website. The Intername media platform offers this service at one of the best prices available in the world today.

Intername Media combines research, experience, and analysis to determine the best fit for the adverts of its clients. When this is determined, Intername Media can then determine the best forms of media that would fit the needs and projections of its clients.

The price tags of Intername Media are the best possible in the media industry because it partners with a lot of media platforms. Even when the demands of the job are out of the reach of the Intername Media, it has partners that will execute the job correctly. Intername Media stands firm on the strength of partnerships, with which it offers the best price tags in the media and publicity industry.

Depending on the demands of the job, Intername Media publicizes its clients wither online (with websites and mobile applications) or offline (Television Media, Radio Stations, Billboards, Newspapers, and Magazines).


Mobile Marketing involves marketing on mobile phone media platforms. There are tons of options with which the Intername Media serves its clients in this category. The Intername mobile marketing plan promises billions of impressions. The mobile marketing plan of Intername Media uses the following:

  • In-App Banners
    This form of mobile marketing pops the advert of the Intername client up on apps and webpages on the phone of users.
  • Push Ads
    Intername Media offers its clientele three types of push ads.
  • Icon Ads
    This form of ad exposure allows a user to pay once and continually enjoy exposure all the way.
  • Video Ads
    This ad type pops at the natural breaks of app sessions.
  • Dialog
    This type of Ad performs two times better than traditional static ads.
  • Rich Media
    This ad form allows a more engaging advertisement form, and it generates more engagements.
  • Landing Page


This marketing method is one of the most effective ways of reaching those who are directly in need of the services of a company. The strategy of an email marketing project is to collect the emails of people who indicate interest in a product or a similar product, and the brand will send them updates from time to time about new products and offers. Intername Media works with brands not just to let the emails lie dormant in the mailbox of their recipients, but to read and respond to the content of the email.

The areas covered by Intername’s email Marketing service are:

  • Data Collection and Customer Journey
  • Data Quality and Permissions
  • Existing Segmentation and Triggered Email Strategy
  • Campaign Content and Creative
  • Deliverability
  • Tracking and Analytics


Lead generation involves getting people to click on the link of the advertiser’s (or products) services. Intername states on its website that a quality sales lead generation company on a brand’s side, the brand can spend more time making sales and less time beating the bushes for leads.

After making contact with a lead, the Intername team tracks the result of the leads. The tracking is necessary because it will give the advertiser the data empowerment to be able to strategize better for future market outreaches and determine the strong sales point leads. Intername also employs the use of some state of the art tools to help its clients convert their leads into sales.

Intername gives a profound analysis of the leads generated by its marketing campaigns. This factor, of course, is not very common with novices of the media space.


Intername also offers services such as graphic designs and marketing messages. This section of the Intername Media group aims to help brands create memorable experiences through a synonymous fusion of words and images that work together to grow the business of the Intername Client.

The creative services of Intername Media cover aspects such as Landing page, banners, buttons, and mailers.

Intername Media maintains a very open channel to feedback, and it has opened several channels through which its clients can reach its agents. When the need arises, Intername clients can contact its administrators via email, contact us form on its webpage, its mailing address, its skype line, or its WhatsApp line.

The credibility of this agency is not one to be questioned at all, and the feedback channels open it up both to new and old customers.


Intername Media is one of the leading media agencies in the world today. The services of this brand are cheap compared to the quality and results they produce. Asides, generating sales leads and awareness for brands, Intername is deeply concerned about the growth of its clientele, such that the services of the company work comprehensively to perform this common goal, and ensure that it’s clients are satisfied.

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