A Singapore Infinity Pool to Change the Meaning of Fun for You

Infinity Pool

Now that the world knows about infinity pools, the idea of a conventional swimming pool seems so outdated. However, it is true that infinity pools are not so common in even some of the major countries of the world. Singapore, on the other hand, has proven to be a haven for infinity pools. You have plenty of choices to pick one from. Some of these infinity pools are located high in the sky while others are low on the ground but overlook into Singaporean rivers and other water bodies. Let’s talk about five of the best so you can pick your favorite Singapore infinity pool.

Singapore Infinity Pool – Pick Your Favorite from the Top 5

The Infinity Pool at Hotel Indigo

This is one of the bluest infinity pools you can find in Singapore. It is 16-floor high but you will see a few skyscrapers higher around you when you are inside the pool. However, that does not take away the enchantment of this pool. This Singapore infinity pool is surrounded with greenery and overlooks the city and its many apartment buildings. Yes, perhaps the only think you might not like about it is the view. A bird’s eye view of the city is not a bad idea, but it can never beat the sight of an oceanfront or a river.

The Infinity Pool at Park Hotel

This might not be the biggest and the most beautiful Singapore infinity pool per se, but it will definitely absorb you in the beauty in its surroundings. The infinity pool at this hotel gives you views of the buildings as well as a forested area all around. The atmosphere is quite tranquil overall. The pool is light blue and its size is 25 meters. You can say that it is a basic Singapore infinity pool compared to many others but the surroundings of this hotel are unmatched by any other.

The Infinity Pool at Jen Orchard Gateway

If you are looking specifically for rooftop infinity pools, this one might be it. It is beautiful and huge. Yes, it is a 30-meter long swimming pool on the rooftop that gives you a view of the skyscrapers of the city. The view gets even more mesmerizing at night when it lights up and the surrounding building start to sparkle like neon tubes. You could take your fun and relaxation to the next level by getting a massage just next to the pool. The best times to be in this pool, according to the hotel management, are at sunset and sunrise.

The Infinity Pool at Amara Sanctuary

If you want a great Singapore infinity pool with immersive views of the surroundings, this one will do it for you. The way this pool has been designed, it gives you an excellent “infinity” view that you expect from an infinity pool. Get to the edge of the pool and gaze right into the ocean. The best thing is that this resort has got many of these infinity pools. So, if you are staying for a long time, make sure you try them all and pick your favorite.

The Infinity Pool at Marina Bay Sands

This one had to be saved for the last. Without a doubt, this is the best Singapore infinity pool, and probably one which usually attracts people to Singapore for their honeymoon trips and vacations. It is the highest Singapore infinity pool giving you views of the city from 55 floors high on the ground. Most of the apartment buildings are dwarfed when you are in this pool and the spectacular views of the Marina Bay complete the experience of an infinity pool. Do you want to take a guess at how big this pool is? Well, it is 150 meters long and to make things even better, it has a kid friendly section as well. Only those staying at the hotel and with a hotel key card can be at this pool by the way.

Final Thoughts

Undoubtedly, Singapore has some of the best infinity pools to offer to its locals and tourists. It is hard to focus on any other Singapore infinity pool when you have Marina Bay Sands on the list. However, browse through this list and many others on the internet to find some other great options. You can always find one that suits your budget and specific requirements (perhaps you are afraid of heights).

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