AlfaBTC – Trading Bitcoin Has Never Been Easier

AlfaBTC is a cryptocurrency broker that offers financial CFD (Contract for Differences) trading services to various cryptocurrency traders and investors by providing an adequate web-based trading platform that is plain, simple and easy to use.

As a regulated crypto broker, AlfaBTC provides an effective trading service to its clients and offers crypto trading education to numerous traders thereby polishing their trading skills.



AlfaBTC offers an effective trading platform in form of MetaTrader 4. This trading platform is a web-based trader that take part in the trade of cryptocurrency, forex, future contracts, stock indices and precious metals. It has the ability to execute trades from standard devices like smartphones, tablets, mobile phones, computers and personal laptops thereby facilitating the easy access of trading from anywhere and at any time since it is compatible with their operating systems.


A demo trading account is an inclusion of AlfaBTC crypto broker. This account type provides investors and traders with the opportunity of trading cryptocurrency while upgrading their trading skills. A demo account gives traders the opportunity to get familiar/ test run the functionality of the trading platform, provides an accurate simulation of real trading conditions and checkmate every developed trading strategy. It makes available a medium for proper interpretation of charting tools, technical indicators, and graphs. Other accounts provided by AlfaBTC are standard spread account, ECN capacity account, and an Islamic account.


As a global financial service provider, AlfaBTC comes with a flexible medium for the trade of bitcoin, CFDs, and cryptocurrencies. It gives investors the possibility of making a profit from the financial market with respect to the pricing situation. This crypto broker offers investors and traders with the possibility of not owning a cryptocurrency. This act adequately reduces the cost associated with owning the cryptocurrency and signifies that a trader can make profits by selling a cryptocurrency with the expectation of a rise and buy at a lower rate when the price falls.


AlfaBTC provides leverages with CFD trading. Cryptocurrency and CFD trading with this brokerage firm leads to a huge increase in capital when compared to the initial investments. There is an availability of risk management tools like stop-loss order, stop entry order, take profit orders and trailing stops which minimizes the tendency of losing money. AlfaBTC also provides its clients with money management techniques where traders learn how to save their money instead of a total focus on how to gain more money.

In conclusion, this brokerage company offers effective trading educational tutorials, an easy to use withdrawal and deposit options, a secured trading system where private information and personal data are encrypted, protects an investor’s fund from other banks by means of account segregation, and offers effective trading tools like economic indicators, technical indicators, charting tools and trading platforms.

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