Email Marketing is Alive According to Snir Moshe Hananya – Here’s Why!

In the modern age of digital businesses, there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to digital marketing. In fact, you’ll learn that there are tons of methods to reach customers around the world with the use of digital technology and the internet. However, like most digital marketing methods evolve and turn into something more powerful for great customer outreach across the planet, why do people think that email marketing has died?

Snir Moshe Hananya believes that email marketing is still a viable tool for promoting your business, brand, goods, and services around the world. Well, you don’t have to be a genius to figure out the cost-effectiveness of sending thousands of emails with a single click through only one efficient platform. In this post, we will discuss how email marketing is still useful and what businesses are washing their hands off of by ignoring it. But, before we dive into those details, you must know that email marketing isn’t a solo venture.

You require the help of the best professionals out there in the digital marketing field to achieve the desired results for your business. After all, how can DIY marketing compare with professional-level digital marketing?

Real-Time Exposure to Potential Customers

Several surveys and statistics from renowned websites suggest that over half of the sent emails got opened on a smartphone or similar type of mobile device. This is a huge signal to businesses that email marketing allows real-time exposure to clients through their phones. It’s quite difficult to visualize a life without mobile phones as everyone operates their day-to-day life with them. Therefore, email marketing is an effective method because most people turn to their mobile phones for checking out their latest email messages and several promotional offers.

This is a great opportunity that several businesses are forgoing by chasing after some highly advanced and complicated methods of email marketing. While people are on the go with their mobile phones, it’s best to remind them about the ongoing promotional offers, bonuses, and deals through attractive emails.

Highly Cost-Effective

This is a no-brainer and you must’ve thought about it already. Snir Moshe Hananya explains that email marketing isn’t as expensive as other forms of digital marketing. This method requires you to have a business account on one of the top email messaging platforms. For your information, some of the most famous email messaging platforms like Hotmail, Gmail, and others offer free signups and other add-ons at low costs.

The idea of email marketing involves utilizing graphic designing skills to create attractive pictures and logos that can help create the email messages eye-catching. In addition to that, email marketing involves writing down the most catch and hooking messages to grab the attention of readers who are most likely to be potential customers of the business.

It’s a surprise that not all companies are using email marketing as a tool to convert potential customers into existing customers for the business. It takes so little in terms of time and money to set up an email account for your business with the help of the best online/digital marketing company. Furthermore, it takes a single click to send email messages to thousands of customers whether existing or potential at once.

While the types of email used in email marketing are diverse in range, you shouldn’t let anything stop you from going for this form of digital marketing. The best online digital marketing company will provide the best opportunities and help you write the best email messages while helping you time their delivery according to the customers’ needs and requirements. In simple words, it takes fewer than pennies per potential conversion that can result through email marketing!

Maintains a Connection with Customers

Because email marketing is a form of digital marketing and involves one of the most critical digital touchpoints of customers’ lives, i.e. mobile phones, it can help sustain a relevant connection between them and the business. Through email marketing, you can let your customers know that you’re working hard to appeal and attract them. Most consumers see value in the goods and services companies that make effort to reach out to them rather than those that do very little to negligible effort in reaching out to customers.

When you send timely messages and engage with the customer, as per Snir Moshe Hananya, you are allowing them to know that your company is thinking about them and wants them to engage. This can be highly motivating if the reader of your email messages is a potential customer. In fact, it could increase the chances of conversion.

Accurate and Timely

Email marketing isn’t all about sales and generating more revenue. Several companies with the help of the right digital marketing agency find email marketing as means to celebrate with their customers. For instance, when you have several loyal customers, they usually signup with your website and provide their contact information in case the business wants to reach out to them. This way, you’re able to learn about some important information such as their favorite purchase item, birthdays, and more.

Easier to Target an Audience

Potential customers go through different stages of the purchasing cycle. While some are in the consideration stage, others might already be ready to purchase the items they need the most. Using that information, you can create specific personas for different types of customer groups. After that, you can follow up on those leads with convincing and encouraging email messages that help to push them into their respective follow-up stage of the purchasing cycle.


According to several statistics, a wide proportion of consumers around the world still use email as a form of communicating and using promotional offers. For some businesses, email marketing is an obsolete tool. But some businesses realize the intact potential of email marketing and put it to good use. If you’re not well-versed in email marketing or any other necessary forms of digital marketing, it’s best to hire a professional marketing agency, believes Snir Moshe Hananya.

Do you know that large businesses utilize emails as a form of communication between them? Well, that will give you an idea about the importance of email marketing. For maximum B2C marketing results, email marketing is one of the most viable tools.

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