Enjoy Benefits of Direct Debit Setup for Payment Collection 

Enjoy Benefits of Direct Debit Setup for Payment Collection 

Direct Debit is an automatic payment method that makes it easier for businesses to deal with payment collection from their clients. It also eliminates much of the time associated with other payment collection methods so you enjoy an efficient and hassle-free way to control cash flow. 

Get Timely Payments 

A direct debit set up makes the whole process of payment collection automatic so that your clients pay you one time. It means you will have less disruption, no embarrassment, and no awkward chase up messages and emails when being asked to make their payment on time.

Take Control Back 

Dealing with financial matters, such as processing payments through cheque and bank transfer order can be tedious for many. Credit cards and debit cards work as an instant way to collect payments though they are not a reliable or economical option.  

Benefit from Flexible Options

The direct debit setup helps you charge both variable and fixed amounts. It will accommodate any charges in extra costs for ad-hoc or one-off projects. It also allows you to change the date and frequency of payment collections. All you need to do is to inform your clients and collect payments without any need for further authorization. 

Safe Payment Option for Your Clients 

The option of Direct Debit also helps your clients get complete cover for payment made fraudulently or in error. It means your clients can enjoy the benefits of the safest payment method to use. They can use Direct Debit to pay for other expenses, such as their phone bills. 

Integration with Existing Tools

The GoCardless option of Direct Debit allows you to integrate your Direct Debit payments with the tools you are already using to manage your business. Therefore, you do not need to manually settle payments by massively reducing the time you would spend on admin.   

In short, many businesses look to automate payments through simple-to-understand and easy-to-use methods. So, do no look further and set up a direct debit to manage all your financial matters. 



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