Explore Singapore in Singapore City Gallery

Explore Singapore in Singapore City Gallery

Do you have to explore every corner of Singapore to know about this city-state? Of course, there is no better experience than personally visiting every place and seeing it in reality. However, it is not possible to do so because of the busy schedules of the people and how much there is to see within Singapore. The best way to know about Singapore and explore it is by paying a visit to Singapore City Gallery. It is a gallery that gives you insight into Singapore’s past, present, and future through interactive models, overly sized maps, and various other technological applications.

What You Will Find at Singapore City Gallery

Interactive Screens

It is important for countries and their governments to realize that to build interest in the modern students, they have to make use of modern technology. You can’t just put a history book in front of the student and expect him/her to read it with interest. Singaporean authorities, especially URA (Urban Redevelopment Authority), understand this concept really well. Therefore, they have incorporated some big screens into the gallery for people to know about Singapore in an interactive manner.

There are huge interactive screens inside the gallery that give onlookers a perspective of the new and old Singapore. You have a big picture of the old Singapore skyline on the screen. As you rub your hand across the screen, it changes to the new buildings and skyline. It is a simple yet effective idea that Singapore City Gallery has used to tell people about Singapore’s past and present.

Huge Models

Didn’t you get the chance to get on top of a skyscraper to get a view of the city from the top? If not, you do not have to worry because a huge model of the city inside the gallery will make your wish come true. It is a huge model that replicates the entire central region of the city. This huge model is one of its kind. You will have to walk around it to see it. It will impress you how the model has been prepared with utmost care and attention to the details. In fact, the model continues to change with time as new buildings continue to emerge in the center of the city.

3D Printed Model

There are hundreds of reasons for students to visit Singapore City Gallery and explore Singapore in its present form. The 3D printed model of the island is something that you will not forget after viewing it once. While the abovementioned model focuses on the center of the city, this 3D printed model shows you every inch of the island. It might not have been such a cool thing to spend time viewing, but the latest 3D printing technology has given this model life. You can see the entire island shrunk to a small slab of plastic with tiny details on it. With newer technology, this model is much more detailed today than it used to be a few years ago.

Immersive Exhibits

Singapore City Gallery can be the perfect place that students from colleges, schools, and universities should visit. It provides them with all types of information about the city that not only enlightens them on how city problems are solved but also connects with whatever fields they pick directly and indirectly. The immersive exhibits at the gallery are quite informative and useful for students. They show the students how the infrastructure of the city works, and how it solves the many problems that come with urbanization. It touches upon all the crucial components of the infrastructure including greenery, waste and waste disposal, energies, transportation, etc.

In short, Singapore City Gallery is a ride into education and information. The best thing about this 3-storey building is that it makes use of the modern technology to create an unforgettable experience for the visitors.

Bottom Line

It takes a lot of time, effort, and dedication to come up with some like Singapore City Gallery. The way technology has been incorporated to explain the workings of Singapore is creative and inspiring at the same time. If you are someone coming from a different country, and you want to learn what makes Singapore such a great city-state, you definitely want to be at Singapore City Gallery at least once.

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