Ido Fishman Debunks People’s Excuses to Remain Unfit

There Is No Reason to be Unfit!

Modern lifestyles are the cause of people becoming fatter each day. You must have heard that statement a lot from a lot of fitness experts. At the same time, you have people who keep complaining about the conveniences of the modern lives and how they cause them to be fat. The problem with these perspectives is that they are only highlighting a problem. In addition to that, blaming technology and tech solutions for obesity rids people of their responsibility of being fit. In short, they have an excuse to remain unfit.

When you talk to them about fitness, they will complain about something – because that’s the maximum they can do for their fitness. At the same time, the fitness gurus who keep blaming modern lifestyles for obesity are causing these people to be complacent. On the other side of it all, you have Ido Fishman, a fitness expert who is in no mood to take these excuses from people. He believes that people are fat because they choose to be fat. He thinks that blaming modern lifestyles for obesity is nothing but an excuse for people to continue doing what they are doing without being questioned.

Today, you will read the common excuses that people make to not adopt a fitness-oriented lifestyle and answers from Ido Fishman to debunk those excuses. Hopefully, you will be ready to start your fitness regimen as soon as you are done reading this.

Ido Fishman Refuting People’s Excuses for Not Being Fit

Excuse # 1: Office Job Won’t Let Me Work Out

One of the biggest reasons you hear from people is that they do not get the opportunity to walk, run or exercise because their office job does not allow them enough time for these activities. What you will notice here is that anyone who makes this claim is somehow trying to show you that they do care about fitness and health, but they are just forced to live their lives the way they are living. However, that’s not true at all and Ido Fishman thinks completely differently. First of all, there is no job in the world that keeps the worker occupied for more than 12 hours. So there is always some time for people to exercise.

Let’s say you have a job that requires you to work for 16 hours, even then you will have many ways to work out and exercise. For example, rather than parking the car right in front of your office, you should park it far away from the office. If your car is parked one kilometer away from the office, you are already adding two kilometer of walk to your daily routine. If your office is not on the ground floor, you should consider taking stairs. If your office is located on a very high floor e.g. 10th, 50th, etc. you can cover at least 25% of the way by climbing stairs and the rest can be covered in an elevator.

If your employer is not strict about things, you can also make use of active furniture. For example, you now have treadmill workstations wherein you will be working on your laptop while hitting the treadmill. In addition to that, you have chairs that cause you to be in a sit-stand position while working. In short, you are not sitting in a relaxing position at any point when you use this type of furniture. In other words, there are more ways than you realize to keep yourself moving during the day even if you have a job that occupies most hours of your day.

Excuse # 2: Treadmill Makes My Legs Hurt

This can be a genuine problem in some cases. However, the more important thing you have to realize at this point is that treadmill is not the only way of getting fit. You should consider walking like a normal human being to stay fit. You can buy jogging shoes that are not harsh on your joints when you walk. At the same time, you can consider treadmills with the latest cushioning technology. These treadmills have proper components installed in them to take care of the needs of people who have joint issues. So, it is not as though the world does not have any solutions to joint pain if it is hampering your daily workout sessions.

Ido Fishman believes that anyone who has joint pain issues while walking or running should consider an elliptical. If you have not heard about these machines already, they are an advanced form of treadmills. They are meant to make you walk but in a way that does not hurt your joints. In fact, ellipticals are the best solution to the joint pain issue. No matter how much cushioning a treadmill has, it will still not be perfectly okay for people whose joints hurt. The best solution for them is an elliptical. This machine mimics your walking motion perfectly.

When you get on the machine, you put your feet on two platforms that are the size of your feet. You keep resting your feet on these platforms as the machine mimics the walking motion of a human being. As a result, your legs start moving in a circulation motion while your feet are always resting on the footrests. The best thing is that there are handles on these machines as well so you can do some exercise of your arms as well. According to Ido Fishman, there is no solution better than using an elliptical for someone who wants to be fit but cannot walk on a treadmill.

Excuse # 3: YOLO

Believe it or not, YOLO has become more of an excuse in recent times than being a slogan. If you do not know what YOLO is, it is short for You Only Live Once. Yes, you only live once so you can do whatever you want to do with your life. But there are so many people who have taken this slogan in a completely wrong meaning. They think they can do whatever they want because they are only going to live once. Just because you have one life does not mean you have to make it miserable. You have to look at the positive side of things even if you believe in YOLO.

If you have just one life, why not live it to the optimum. Being fit does not mean you can’t enjoy the flavors that the nature has to offer. You can be fit while enjoying all the flavors there are in the world. You just have to make sure that you practice moderation while enjoying these amazing treats from all around the world. If you are only going to live once, why not make your life an inspiration for others? Why not show others what they can achieve in one life by being an example? You do not have to go around pulling people’s chairs from underneath them to have fun because you are going to live only once.

Ido Fishman talks about the YOLO slogan and advises young people to look at it from the right perspective. He thinks that if you have only one life, you have to live it in good health and wealth. Of course, there is no wealth more valuable than your health. You should think about becoming an inspiration for others and the young generations to come.

Excuse # 4: These Diets Are Only Fads

There is no doubt about that. Yes, there are many diets that are nothing but fads. In fact, many of them were created by people who just wanted to make money. They did not have any intentions of making people fit. They just wanted to make money so they came up with an ingenious idea of introducing a diet. In many ways, you will notice that each diet focuses on only one aspect of dieting. You are either asked to stop eating a certain food or pushed to eat a certain product. For example, when you are on a keto diet, you will be asked to get rid of carbohydrates completely.

You will be filling your body with proteins and fats but not carbohydrates. When you look at the vegan diet, you will be asked to quit everything that comes from animals. On the other hand, you have the carnivore diet, which more like an opposite of the vegan diet. In this diet, you eat nothing but animals. So, you can notice a pattern in these diets. One year, you have a diet stopping you from eating Food A. The next year, you have another diet that pushes you to eat Food A as much as possible. They then move on to the Food B and the loop continues.

However, fitness is not hidden as a secret in these diets. You can enjoy a combination of these diets to meet your dietary needs. Better yet, you can say goodbye to all these diets and live a healthy life in which you can consume any food you want but in moderation. That’s where Ido Fishman’s advice comes in. He believes that the fact that most of these diets are fads should not have anything to do with your fitness. Let these diets and their proponents run their course. You have to worry about your life and your health. You need to live healthily whether these diets survive or not.

Just because every smartphone company is coming up with a new model only to increase sales does not mean you should not own a smartphone at all. If this tech gadget makes your life easier in any way, you should definitely own one. The same goes for diets as well. Just because there are some fad diets in the world does not mean you have to eat unhealthy foods and become obese.

Excuse # 5: I Have Accepted My Body

You have people running campaigns to promote obesity. In the name of “Accept Your Body”, they are running campaigns that cause people to make wrong lifestyle choices. When someone is not eating healthy, they still have a voice inside them that keeps telling them what’s wrong with their diets. However, the campaigns that promote obesity and weight gain take away that feeble voice of the conscience as well. As a result, people are happy that they are fat because they have accepted their bodies.

The slogan would have meant a completely different thing when it started, but its meaning changed with time. Accepting your body means you should not be embarrassed about it. That’s true! If you are fat, there is no reason to feel ashamed about it. In many cases, people have certain conditions that cause them to be fat. They do not eat too much, but their body has a weird way of reacting to everything they eat and so they are fat. However, once you have accepted the body, you have to work to make it better. When you accept your body, you should stop bashing yourself for being too skinny or too fat.

However, you still have to work on things that can improve your lifestyle. Obesity is not just a matter of looks. Obesity is something that exposes you to serious health conditions. There is nothing more connected to heart diseases and heart failures than obesity. When you have too much fat in your body, it starts traveling in your veins. There comes a point when this fat starts blocking the veins. That’s when a heart failure can take place. Obesity is also linked with diabetes, liver conditions, bone issues, etc. So, do not be embarrassed of your body, but keep working to make it a healthy place for your soul to live.

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt about the fact that Ido Fishman wants people to be healthy and fit. He does not want to give them an opportunity to be obese and ruin their lives. Accepting excuses from people or encouraging them when their body weight is indicating serious health concerns is nothing but dishonesty. So, take charge of your life today and make sure you feel great about yourself and your health from the inside.

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