Jonathan Mimouni – Journey of Digital Marketing From Nothing To Everything

There was a time when businesses were supposed to keep funds in reserve specifically for the purposes of running business promotional campaigns. These advertisements could be seen mostly in the newspapers, tv commercials, printed adverts, magazines and radio. But when the internet came, businesses took keen interest in digital marketing. Internet then paved the way for e-commerce which is now the rapidly expanding industry in the world.

Effective Factor of Guaranteed Expansion

As has been explained earlier, before the digital marketing, businesses had to spend a great deal of money for advert campaigns. This money could worth significant expansion in the business, however, businesses were unable to utilize these funds. Since digital marketing is less expensive and significantly effective, businesses are rightfully turning their gaze towards it. Eventually, with the cost cutting, businesses are now able to expand as they can utilize digital marketing without spending too much. Resultantly, they have funds available to them allowing them to inject the same in the expansion.

Businesses Can’t Afford To Ignore

Digital marketing has so amazingly secured its place in the business sector that it has become a non-avoidable component. For instance, if a company does not have a website where visitors can learn more about the company, then it is believed that the company is not genuine. In the alternatively, non-provision of website is also regarded as if the business is not doing quality business and the company takes business for granted. Eventually the company loses quite a potential business.

Even those who haven’t yet adopted this climate are making their efforts because they know adoption of digital market is necessary. However, this necessity does not mean complete departure from the traditional marketing tactics. If the business is huge then pursuing traditional business promotional campaigns side by side with the digital marketing campaigns will give an extra edge to a business. This is why huge organizations like Tesla, HP, Apple Inc., Microsoft are all pursuing both type of campaigns simultaneously. So basically, ignorance of digital market is not in favor of a business whether small, medium or large.

The Word ‘Digital’ Is The Latest Market Trend

There is no question about the fact that modern consumers have developed an unbreakable bond with the word ‘digital’. The word itself is so much in trending that it seems as if everything is becoming digital. Take an example of cryptocurrencies which are purely digital currencies free from any physical form but carries monetary value like any normal currency. Similarly, we have been witnessing virtual shopping, concerts, meetings, hang-outs, schooling, and other such activities and events which were very much physical for centuries.

By default consumers crave for convenience and that convenience has become available to them in the shape of e-commerce. Every single piece of item used by any person in the world can now be ordered by a consumer from his home. Similarly, such items can easily be delivered or dispatched to the consumers at their homes, offices or at any other place they wish to. Even international delivery of goods is not a big deal now.

Future Belongs To Digital Marketing.

We have now come to a point where it is evident that the future of commerce, without an iota of doubt, is in digital marketing. A time will come where the size of the business would not matter at all and every business has to come up with digital marketing strategies. Consequently, consumer wouldn’t even gaze upon such businesses do not consider this type of marketing strategies. Already, we are quite familiar with the fact that businesses are doubted by consumers because of the lack of digital marketing.

Ironically there are businesses having produced quality products and great services. Yet even the small businesses are overtaking them for the reason that small businesses knew they needed to adopt digital marketing strategies while large businesses ignored them.

Final Thoughts

Before parting it must be understood that digital marketing has set up a benchmark which is required to be followed by all. Get a capable expert like Jonathan Mimouni for seeking proper and most crucial online marketing solutions.

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