Odessa Ukraine – My Two Days In the Best Town of the Black Sea Coast Last Summer

The black sea coast of Ukraine is one of the most beloved destinations to visit by tourists from all across the world. While the place is equally attractive for worldwide tourists, those who live in Eastern European countries and want to enjoy an inexpensive holiday destination would find it simply the best.

There are many reasons to visit the Black Sea coast of Ukraine. The most important reason for those visitors who travel from former soviet nations, visiting the place is a simple habit since they were grown up near this coast. In fact, every working person residing in the past Soviet Union countries can consider a trip to the Black sea coast Ukraine and enjoy the rest places that are half-paid or fully paid by the government.

Another important reason for visiting the Black Sea coast Ukraine is that this sea is the most accessible as it is located in the most southern region from all the seas that border directly from the former soviet union countries. These countries include Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, and Turkey.

The longest seashore of the Black Sea meets the Turkish part of the Black Sea. Most European travelers choose to go this coastline mainly because of the good marketing campaigns of the travel marketers. Another reason why the Turkish part of the Black Sea coast is chosen is the cost factor since it offers an inexpensive trip from most European countries especially from Germany.

Then, there is Georgian seashore happens to be very famous for its naturally beautiful and rocky parts. These huge rocks look amazingly splendid when seems to be coming out of the sea. Statistically, this is about 20 meter long rocky beach having a large series of mountains that begins right after the beach.

It’s certainly a marvelous place to find a cave, place some tents, make a camp and spend some days with friends or family. You can climb the mountains, hunt fish and crabs, and gather starfishes.

The Russian Coastline of the Black Sea

The Russian coastline of the Black Sea is rich with many holiday homes and pensions that were built in soviet time to facilitate the collaborators of the Soviet Party. Many of these constructions have already been ruined by the time while others were sold to private individuals and companies who later converted them into reasonable rest houses for personal and professional purposes.

The Romanian and Bulgarian Coastlines of the Black Sea 

These coastlines are targeted on some area particularly on the European market. The Bulgarian part of the coast is quite well-equipped and serves better than Romanian seashore. The Romanian seashore has some good attractions but is quite expensive than Bulgarian coastline. However, you can spend a good time if choose to travel to both or one of these coastlines of the Black Sea.

The Ukraine Coastline of the Black Sea

Things drastically turn into simply marvelous when it comes to visiting the Black Sea coast Ukraine. In fact, the Ukraine coastline is divided into two different types of places. These include the usual seashore of Odessa city and the neighboring where you would find high temperature, sandy beaches, and quite reasonable possibilities for a tourist.

Another part of the Ukraine coastline of the Black Sea is the Crimea Semi Island which is known for its separate flora and fauna and a different climatic condition. It also has many rocky beaches and sandy beaches with lots of pensions from soviet time which are still in good condition.

The Crimea Semi Island is, in fact, one of the most privileged seashores of the Soviet Union and is still considered to be a good tourist destination to travel to from different cities of Ukraine. Even people coming from outside of the countries can enjoy a day long on the naturally beautiful beaches of this Black Sea Coast Ukraine. 

While there is a tough competition of ancient sights and urban culture among various different cities of Ukraine, Odessa possesses special standing because of having the Black Sea Port and the largest city of the country.

There are several reasons why Odessa tends to be the best city of the Black Sea Coast Ukraine. The city has a string of various beaches which beautifully make it the best summer destination of Ukraine. It’s also catching up with a rapidly increasing foodie scene that comprises an intriguing fusion of regional influences.

Langeron beach Odessa Ukraine

This city of the Black Sea Coast Ukraine has lots of stories related to each corner of this hedonistic city. It has the legacy of ‘free port’ of 19th Century, lots of European immigrants, and influence of once-thriving Jewish community. All this is still obvious on the cobbled streets that were named after the celebrated Russian writers. Moreover, the city presents art nouveau mansions, labyrinthine catacombs, and the dilapidate courtyards.

Let’s find out here how your stay in the most popular town of the Black Sea coast Ukraine would make your trip truly memorable.

Make it Happen

  • This blooming town provides an easy access by air with many European destinations, such as Tel Aviv and Istanbul. You can also enjoy a romantic overnight train experience from Odessa while traveling to any nearby city.
  • While in the Black Sea coast Ukraine, you would be enjoying some of the most unusual adventures, such as, a catacombs tours, historical museums excursions, and Potemkin Steps pleasure.
  • You would come across a number of beautifully constructed hotels and other accommodation options in Odessa. The best part of this feature is, of course, the price which is considerably inexpensive and still gets you a comfortable stay near the Sea Coast.
  • In addition, there are lots of food options to fortify yourself once you are in the blooming town of the Black Sea Coast. You can enjoy healthy grilled meat and tapas as well as enjoy scrumptious cocktail drinks.

The city boasts a large range of restaurants, cafes, bars, and snack bars where you can enjoy cheerful atmosphere and various cuisine options in breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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