Things to Do Immediately After Flight Cancellation

Things to Do Immediately After Flight Cancellation

Even after you have spent countless hours plotting every step of your journey carefully, your well-laid out plans can be derailed by an unexpected cancellation or delay. However, a small roadblock doesn’t have to lead to a travel disaster. Taking some extra precautions for dodging delays, arming yourself with some insider tricks and knowing your air travel rights can prevent you from panicking and help you stay calm when such a situation arise. What should you do? Read on to find out:

Know your air travel rights

When your flight is cancelled, the carrier will either provide a seat to you on the next available flight or give you a refund. You should check the customer agreement of your carrier, which is also known as a contract for carriage, to figure out their policy. This will help you understanding if you are eligible for compensation. You can use a flight delay compensation calculator to know how much you can get.

Check for insurance coverage

If you were smart enough to get travel insurance, you might be eligible for some benefits due to flight cancellations. As soon as you find out your flight is cancelled, you should get in touch with your insurance provider and give them the necessary details. Likewise, international credit cards may also boast some built-in travel benefits if they are used for booking flights.

Stay proactive

If you want to get rebooked on the next staff, you shouldn’t try to get in touch with the airport staff or gate agents as they are usually swamped with work. Instead, use the airline’s customer service or download the affiliated app of the airline to get it done. Lots of carriers have introduced their own apps that you can use for checking alternative flight options and modifying your reservations.

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