What Do Singapore Bicentennial Celebrations Signify?

What Do Singapore Bicentennial Celebrations Signify?

It is the sign of a civilized nation that it always remembers its traditions and history. When a nation forgets its history, culture, and traditions, it is not a nation anymore. It is a huge population of people with no specific path to walk on or a destination to pursue. They have nothing that binds them together as they move forward for the betterment of their country.

Singaporeans know just how to keep their heritage and history alive. Singapore Bicentennial of 2019 is a speaking proof of that. This year marks the 200th anniversary of the modern Singapore. While Singapore received independence in 1965 from Malaysia, the foundation of today’s Singapore has already been laid more than hundred years ago in the hands of Sir Stamford Raffles.

What Is Singapore Bicentennial All About?

If you do not know already, bicentennial is the 200th anniversary of an event. In this particular case, Singapore Bicentennial is the anniversary of the day when the modern Singapore came into being truly. In fact, Singapore Bicentennial in 2019 is commemorating a history that dates back even further. Yes, this commemoration will recall a 700-year period from the history of Singapore. The history was always in the making and it was eventually the unity of the people that brought independence for the country.

Now, to commemorate the 700-year history, Lee Hsien Loong, the prime minister of Singapore, approved of the start of hundreds of events around the country. The most important thing is that these events will not be limited to a day or week. Instead, the country will continue to celebrate for an entire year. There will be theatrical programs, processions, film making, launch of mobile applications, and much more happening in this year. The theme of everything will be Singapore bicentennial.

If you like animated movies, you are going to love this short film that’s going to touch upon the three turns that the history of Singapore took. This short film is a creation RPM (Robot Playground Media), an animation studio in Singapore. This short film will be a perfect educational video for those who are visiting Singapore for the first time and take interest in history. Within a short time, they will be able to discover how Singapore came into being, how it fell, how it rose again, and how it eventually regained its freedom to become one of the best countries of the world.

Everyone from every field and profession is doing what they can to bring Singapore Bicentennial to life. If you love foods from around the world, you will love this series from some of the best chefs from Singapore who have put together a film with all the great dishes of Singapore. These culinary masterpieces are special in their own right because they reflect the history of Singapore.

And if you want your Singapore Bicentennial experience to be on a completely new level, you must experience the “The Bicentennial Experience”. It is a journey from Singapore to being a Singaporean. It is a multimedia experience that consists of multiple hours. It will take people through the journey of Singapore like they were a part of it. It is the most immersive experience that can teach people a lot about Singapore and the value of Singapore Bicentennial.

A lot happened in 2019 before the launch of Singapore bicentennial. The most important event, even though small, was the painting of the Sir Stamford Raffles’ statue. Initially, this statue has a plain paint on it. However, before the start of Singapore bicentennial celebrations, the statue was painted with a camouflaging color with the backdrop. Later on, it was accompanied by some new statues. It was quite a moment for people and a reflective of the interest that Singaporean artists have in the celebrations.

Final Thoughts

Singapore bicentennial will be celebrated throughout 2019. In fact, many of the events will continue until 2020. Since its independence, Singapore has been working diligently to keep its heritage alive in its people. Even the Singapore pledge asks the citizens to come together while forgetting their language, racial, ethnical, and religious differences. The commemoration of the modern Singapore is clearly indicative of how well this nation fastened with its traditions and history.

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