Elevatione Wrinkles Filler Foundation – It Changed My Mind and My Looks

So, I was getting a treatment at Time Stops when the sales clerk offered me this wrinkles filler foundation. Of course, the first impression was skeptical because I had read about such products all my life. I was not going to get convinced that easily by any chance. However, something inside me kept pulling me to this product. And that’s when I decided to give it a shot. Let me give you my honest opinion about a few things.

Wrinkles Filler Foundation – Does It Work?

The first thing you want to ask is if this product even works. Well, that was the same thing on my mind when I splurged on it out of nowhere. I have to tell you that this product does exactly what it says. It has been designed to fill your wrinkles and act as an alternative to botox injections. Of course, which route you go is completely your choice, but one cannot deny the benefits of this filler foundation over a treatment that pierces needles through your sensitive skin.

I applied it before my makeup after thoroughly moisturizing my skin. The effects were clear as soon as I applied it. Of course, as you continue to fill your wrinkles, you start noticing the difference. I could say that my first application went over “just a bit”. However, I got a hang of things pretty quickly afterwards. What approved the product for me? My daughter’s compliment! She was quick to tell me I looked different (in a positive way) that day. I could not have been happier.

What I Loved about Wrinkles Filler Foundation

The thing I loved about this wrinkles filler foundation is that it advertises only what it can achieve. It is not a treatment in any way and nor does the brand advertise it that way. It is more like an addition to your makeup accessories. Apply it before you go out for shopping or at a party. The application does not take more than a couple of minutes.

What I Did Not Like about Time Stops

This is more of a subjective thought than objective. I first thought the product was quite expensive. However, I changed my mind later when it worked like a charm for me. Who wouldn’t pay a few extra dollars for something that delivers the results it promises?

Will I Recommend Wrinkles Filler Foundation to Others

Yes, I will definitely recommend it to anyone without a second thought. If you are in your 40s or 50s and your wrinkles tell people your age before you do, I would highly recommend you to use this product before applying makeup.

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