Xtrade Review – You May Not Find Any Better Broker For Crypto and Forex Trading

Xtrade Review

There are not many online brokers that you can call complete in all aspects. However, you can definitely say that Xtrade has come out to be the best broker in all areas and aspects of offering trading services. This broker has focused on everything that traders want and created a system that is nearly impossible for its competitors to beat. It will not be wrong to say that this broker is complete, comprehensive, and uncompromising in the services and features it offers. Why is it such an amazing online broker? Find out for yourself as you read this detailed Xtrade review.

Why XTrade Is Unbeatable

·         A Proud Regulated Broker

As important as regulation is, you will not find many online brokers that have proper regulation. They are not registered anywhere, but are out on the internet offering trading services to traders from around the world. Regulation means that they have to have an auditing authority of international or national level looking into their financial activities. Why would you want that when you are not running your business honestly? Well, if a broker has proper regulation, you can say that it is a serious broker that you can trust. When it comes to XTrade, you will be glad to find out that International Financial Services regulates this broker.

·         An Asset Index with Nothing Missing

You can find many online brokers that offer you access to commodities, forex currency pairs, and stocks. However, you will have a hard time finding one that offers you access to even more financial markets. XTrade is one of the rarest brokers with an asset index that contains thousands of assets from dozens of financial markets from all around the world. You want to trade ETFs? You do not have to go anywhere because this broker offers ETF trading on its trading platform. Do you want to trade assets without owning them through CFD trading? This broker offers you that as well.

In addition to conventional financial markets like stocks and forex currency pairs, you will also get access to the cryptocurrency market with this broker. If you have interest in trading digital coins and making money from their volatile nature, you will not find a more suitable broker on the internet than XTrade.

·         A Trading Platform for Everyone

You decide the way you want to trade, and Xtrade will give you a trading platform that suits your trading strategy and style. You will not find many online brokers doing that. They usually have only one trading platform whether you like it or hate it. So, if you do not like the trading platform of the broker, you have to change the broker. In this case, you might even have to pay a penalty to the broker. In other cases, the broker you are breaking your connection with will make it hard for you to withdraw funds from your trading account. You do not have to face such issues when you sign up with Xtrade. This broker has you covered in every possible manner.

You want to trade on your computer, you can do that with the downloadable trading platform. However, if you are someone who travels a lot and goes in different parts of the country or world, you can take advantage of the web-based trading platform from this broker. Yes, you can access this trading platform from anywhere you want and enter trades at will. You can even use the trading platform on any device you want. So, there are no restrictions on how you want to trade, where you want to trade, and which device you want to use for trading.

·         Choose an Account Type That Defines You

Why sign up with an online broker and make a huge initial deposit when you can start trading with as little as $250. Yes, you can start a trading account and enter practical trades with just a deposit of $250. You are getting this option from a broker that’s known around the world as one of the best. If Xtrade wanted, it could have targeted only the most experienced traders easily. However, this broker has stayed loyal to new traders and by providing new traders access to a standard account, it gives them a perfect chance to grow as traders.

With the standard account, you get a demo account to learn trading before you put your money on the line and you have access to both trading platforms, mobile and desktop.

·         Learn Trading at Your Pace

Since you cannot start trading without proper training, Xtrade has brought you some training material as well. The best thing is that you do not have to go anywhere to learn any type of trading because this broker covers the entire ground for you. Whether you want to learn trading at its basics or go deep into advanced trading strategies, you will find everything here. You can lean through ebooks, videos and webinars. The method of learning you choose totally depends on you. What you are going to love about the training material you get from this broker is the quality of it all. You will get the training material that comes only from the most expert traders in the world.

·         An Unmatched Customer Support

You will see that many online brokers try to run from their traders. When it comes time for you to contact them for some issue, they only have an email address for you to use. In other cases, they will tell you to find answers in an FAQs section on the website. While there is a detailed FAQs section on the website of this broker a well, you can still talk to professional representatives from the broker to discuss any problem that you are having while trading. The best thing is that the customer support from this broker is available 24/7 irrespective of the account type you choose.

Final Thoughts

While a lot of points have been covered above, you can still discover more about this broker when you go on its website. Its features are unmatched and focused on its traders. You get welcome bonuses and even loyalty points. Try opening an account with Xtrade if you want to enjoy some leveraged trading with a trustable online broker.

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